GENERAL INFORMATION : International Public School established in July 2009 is run by Sarvodaya Educational Society, founded by Shri. Jntendra Chouksey and Shri. S.R.Chouksey. It is affilliated with the CBSE N.Delhi upto secondary level , with medium A instruction an English. The co-educational institute will gradually be up grated to class 12. The institution is owned by the Vaishali Groups of Institution (VGI) Nagpur. Our Society has many institutions in India.

I. Objective The objectiveof the institution is to give the young a sound education under the care of the teachers who regard it as their most sacred duty not only to educate the mind but also to train the heart and form the character of the pupils confined to their care, at the same time keeping in mind the necessity of developing the powers of leadership and a readiness to shoulder responsibility and maintain a high standard.

II. Discipline :
1. All the pupils must attend the school punctually with their lessons well prepared. Refined manners shall distinguish every pupil of the school. They shall be obedient and respectful to the teachers and conform strictly to the rules and regulations of the school.
2. Cleaniness of dress and person shall be regarded as a virtue by the students of I.P.S. Every pupil attending the school must keep strictly to the uniform as prescribed under. They shall take all possible care to be always neat and tidy.
3. In case pupils damage furniture or any other school property by accident or otherwise, they will make good the loss. Writing on the walls and disfiguring the school furniture are offences which will be punished with heavy fines.
4. The principal reserves for himself the right to control all correspondence which come to the students at the school.
5. Calling their fellow students nicknames and using abusive words in their conversation are grave offences.
6. Violation of the school discipline or conduct not in keeping with the moral tone of the school will result in the dismissal of the students concerned. Parents will be informed before such an action is taken.
7. No pupil who is habitually late or who has been absent will be admitted in the class without the permission of the principal.
8. Students are not expected to take part in any political activities.

III. Uniform (Monday to Friday) :
BOYS:-Blue Line shirt, Red checks pant/shorts, Black leather shoes & Blue socks with Red stripes, School Belt & Tie.
GIRLS:-Blue line shirt, Red checks skirt, Black leather shoes & Blue socks with red stripes, School belt & Tie.
NOTE:-(Saturday) Uniform will be according to student's respective houses.

IV. Admission & Withdrawl :
1. New students are admitted in the month of March - April. Vacancies are generally available only in class KG 1. On merit basis a few students may be admitted to other classes if seat is available.
2. Boys/Girls selected for admission must submit an application on the form supplied by the school along with the transfer certificate from the previous school attendend.
3. A clear calender month's notice must be given before a student can be withdrawn, failing which next instalment will be charged. Duplicate copies of the transfer certificates are not issued; only true copies given. Application for transfer certificate by the parent along with the withdrawl fees must be submitted in the office during office hours.

V. Co - curricular Activities
3. Music & Dance
4. Drama A acting
5. Cubs
6. Debate