Attendance and leave of Absence

(i) Application for leave of absence from the school must be made in writing by the parent/guardian to the Principal of the school.

(ii) According to the rules of CBSE 75% attendance is compulsory for students, failing which a student may be debarred from taking the final examination. The same rule is applicable to the home examination as well it is the duty of the parents to personally monitor the attendance of their child from time to time.

(iiI) Regular attendance, respect and obedience are part of the school discipline. It is compulsory for all the students to attend the school assembly and also be present on the Independence Day and the Republic Day.

iV) Rules for condonation of shortage of attendance will be applicable as mentioned in the CBSE Examination bye laws.


News Flash
  • Admissions are open for the Academic Year 2020-21 for Nursery to Class 12. The school has been upgraded upto class - 12 and Admissions are open in Commerce and Science Faculty in the Senior Secondary Classes. For more details please contact the School Office or Call on (07692) - 228333, 228233.