Requirement of Attendance

(i). For Classes - I to X :-
A pupil may not be allowed to sit in the Annual Examination/ Summative Assessment-2 if he/she has not put in a minimum 75% of total attendance in the Academic Session, including attendance in previous to condone shortage of attendance upto 15% in special circumstances meriting this concession eg. illness etc. i.e. permit a student with 60% attendance to take the Annual Examination/ Summative Assessment-2.
For Classes IX and X it is Compulsory/mandatory for a student to appear and pass all the tests conducted by the School. Failing which, he may be stopped from appearing in the Annual Examination/Summative Assessment-2 of the School. Student who fail to appear on medical grounds etc. must produce a proper medical certificate within three days of reporting from a Govt. of Municipal Hospital.
In such cases, if the Principal is not convinced he may as his discretion not allow the student to appear in the Annual Examination/ Summative Assessment-2.
(ii). For Class X :-
(a). A student must have at least 75% of attendance counted from the opening of class X upto 1st of the month proceeding the month the examination of Board commences.

Rules for Condemnation of shortage of attendance
1. Shortage upto 15% only may be condened by the Chairman, cases of shortage failing below 60% in class X shall not be considered.

2. The Principal shall refer a case shortage within the above prescribed limit for condonation to the Board, either with the recommendations or with valid reasons for not recommending the case.

3. The following may be considered valid reasons for recommending the cases:
a. Prolonged illness
b. Loss of father/mother or some other such incident to absence from school and which merits special considerations.
c. Any other reasons of similar serious nature.

4. Authorized participation in recognized tournaments and sports meets of not less than inter school level be counted as attendance.


News Flash
  • Admissions are open for the Academic Year 2019-20 for Nursery to Class 12. The school has been upgraded upto class - 12 and Admissions are open in Commerce and Science Faculty in the Senior Secondary Classes. For more details please contact the School Office or Call on (07692) - 228333, 228233.